A source reveals the death toll from a gas pipe explosion in Heliopolis


11:20 PM

Thursday January 20 2022

Books – Alaa Omran:

Civil protection forces in Cairo managed to control a fire that broke out in an apartment in Heliopolis, as a result of a gas leak.

The leak led to a limited explosion of the gas pipe in the aforementioned apartment, which resulted in the injury of Peter Z., 77 years old, and Fadia. I., 60 years old.

Immediately, they were taken to the hospital for treatment, and fire engines were used to put out the fire.

The operations room of the General Directorate of Civil Protection received a signal from the Emergency Police Department, when an explosion was heard, followed by a surge of flames accompanied by a thick eruption of smoke.

Immediately the Director of Civil Protection pushed the fire engines backed by a ground rescue team. Police forces imposed a security cordon around the property in question to facilitate the task of civil defense personnel.

The initial examination revealed that a gas leak had occurred, resulting in an explosion that caused the collapse of the facade of 3 housing units. The property was evacuated from its occupants until the firefighting operations are over.

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