A tragedy shakes Lebanon… This is what happened to the daughters of the artist (Nancy Ajram) and all the Lebanese and the Arab world cried.


The Lebanese artist, Nancy Ajram, posted on her Twitter account, where she was in a state of great dissatisfaction with the economic, living and political collapse in the state of Lebanon.

And since the great people of Lebanon have become resigned to reality, and submitted to the decisions of all politicians, without any resistance, protests or a real revolution that saves them from successive destruction and calamities.

The Lebanese star Nancy Ajram expressed her anger and sadness at what her homeland Lebanon, which was once the Switzerland of the East, has reached, although she does not interact with political issues much and does not attack politicians as Elissa and Nawal Al Zoghbi do, but always takes neutrality and when she sees her people suffer, she sends a message to him.

She wrote: (We are a people whose life and pulse were greater. Today, we are the same people, we are missing the most basic elements of a decent life, and we live in a place where Lebanon no longer resembles us. To return the country that I dreamed of, and which I named Habib Al-Omar for the end of life)

She continued, stressing that she had become afraid for the fate of her three daughters in a country that does not secure their minimum rights because of a criminal and corrupt political class, and wrote: (And yes, I say we are because I am from this people and the daughter of this land. The one in my heart is extinguished under any circumstance, even if what happened).

Despite all the bad news and events in Lebanon daily, which is plunged into darkness in light of the electricity cuts and the generator owners’ monopoly on citizens, Nancy is still optimistic about this destroyed country, but we are not optimistic about the people, especially those who still follow the leaders until this moment.


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