A woman refuses to come to the house of obedience: My husband forces me to share my salary in the household expenses


“Sharia obligated my husband to perform it.” With these words, a wife objected to the request for obedience submitted by her husband, before the Family Court in Heliopolis, and claimed that it was impossible to marry between them, which prompted her to request a divorce for the harm, and claimed that she feared for herself from his violence, and that he was dishonest on her and her money. After he forced her to pay her full salary to share in the household expenses.

And the wife stated: “He deprived me of my legal rights, and claimed that I disobeyed him, even though he expelled me from the marital home after 7 months of marriage, and assaulted me, and almost caused me to have an abortion after a dispute over his desire to oblige my family to pay birth expenses, to live in torment after his refusal. My divorce and my bargaining over the registration of my child, who has not yet come into this world, in exchange for my participation in the expenses, even though he receives a large salary.”

And the wife continued, “I claim my negligence towards his marital rights resulting from the marriage contract – a lie – until he forfeits my legal rights, and I complain to my family about my neglect to perform household chores despite the deterioration of my health during pregnancy and the doctor’s assurance to him not to do any effort because of its danger to my health, to refuse that and force me to Going to work despite the interruption of my salary.

The wife confirmed: “I spent on his family on him and on the marital home, although Sharia obligated my husband to do so, and when I told him that I was unable to continue in that life with him, he punished me, tried to take revenge on me, and refused to refrain from practicing the harm that had befallen me.”

While the husband responded by filing a lawsuit demanding proof of his wife’s disobedience, after she requested a divorce for the harm, and issued a complaint against him, and her abuse of his payment of sums of money for alimony exceeding his ability, and her habit of calibrating him because of his participation in the expenses of the house – which was agreed upon before marriage -.

According to the Personal Status Law, Article No. 6, the husband is obligated to fulfill obligations, including alimony and the provision of housing for the wife, and in return for obedience by the wife, and if she refuses without justified reason, she is disobedient. The legal rule of obedience is that the house is appropriate.

The issuance of the judgment of disobedience places the wife in a position of contravention of the law and erring in the right of her husband, which forfeits her right to the maintenance of the waiting period and pleasure, and the husband has the right to recover the dowry and belongings that he has done if she is separated by a judicial ruling as it proves that the whole fault is on the part of the wife.

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