A “wonderful drug” for diabetes astounds scientists


A popular diabetes treatment has astounded an expert after it was linked to the ‘potential’ of anti-aging.

Doctor David Lloyd said the experts were “very interested” in metformin. It is often sold under the brand name GlucophageIt is the first-line drug to treat type 2 diabetes. Metformin lowers blood sugar levels by improving the way your body handles insulin..

It is usually prescribed for diabetes when diet and exercise alone are not enough to control blood sugar levels. But a study is now looking into whether it could be used on a larger scale.

Dr. Lloyd told Sky News: “There is a research study looking at the use of metformin to counteract aging. We know it’s a great drug for diabetes – every diabetic should take. And we know there’s some research showing that metformin can prevent diabetes as well. And they are very interested in it.”

This comes after analyzing the medical records of 180,000 patients from NHS To see how metformin stacks up against other diabetes medications, and a ‘watchdog’ group of people who don’t have diabetes and are therefore not taking the drug.

The startling discovery was that diabetics taking metformin actually lived longer than non-diabetics who were not taking the drug..

Lloyd added: “If you look at the way metformin works, you could say there might be some anti-aging potential. I like it, you might find that there is some good evidence coming out of it. We should see some research come out in the two or three years.” “I don’t want everyone to start taking metformin, there are downsides. Please don’t go buy it.”

Other studies have shown that metformin reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and dementia as well. So should we all take it?.

Although the evidence is compelling, experts will want to wait and see the results of a new trial before recommending it.

It will give you an experience TAME The short-term antiaging-targeting metformin drug was administered to 1,500 volunteers aged 60 to 80, while another 1,500 received placebos. Then the patients will be monitored for several years.

And if those taking the real pills suffer from less life-threatening diseases, their anti-aging use may be justified.

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