Actress Suhair Ramzy shocked the audience with what she revealed about this hot movie that was banned from the show… in which she appeared completely without clothes for this small amount!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Over the course of many years, the Egyptian star, Suhair Ramzy, rose to the throne of stardom, and presented dozens of successful films with major art stars in Egypt.

At the beginning of the nineties, the Egyptian star decided to retire from acting and wear the hijab while she was at the height of her fame, then she returned and presented acting roles with the hijab, to surprise the audience recently with the decision to remove the hijab permanently and resume her artistic activity without a veil.

In more than one television interview, the artist, Suheir Ramzy, announced her regret for her participation in the movie The Sinners, in which she presented one of the most daring scenes of Egyptian cinema, which prompted the censors to ban the film from showing.

Suhair Ramzy said that she hopes that the film will be deleted from her artistic history because she was deceived by director Saeed Mazrouq after he filmed a scene of her while she was sleeping, and she did not expect it to be filmed from an angle that shows her naked in the film.

Ramzy admitted that the movie “The Sinners” was the reason for her divorce from her husband, the Gulf businessman, Mohammed Al Mulla, because of her exciting scenes in it, and she represented him in her husband’s travel, and when he returned and watched the movie

He was not satisfied with him and began to stir up problems between him and her, so Suhair did not find a solution other than divorce, so she divorced him because the infallibility was in her hand in this marriage, which only lasted for a short period.

The film was shown in 1976, which led to the punishment of all the supervisory cadres responsible for showing it, and they were referred for investigation.

In her interview with “Independent Arabia”, Suhair Ramzy spoke about her decision, its consequences, and her plan in her new artistic life after her return to acting, and revealed many secrets about her personal life and her relationship with major stars.

Hijab…between modesty and commitment
She said about her taking off the hijab: “In principle, I do not allow anyone to interfere in my personal life, and my wearing or taking off the hijab is something that concerns me alone, and all that is in the matter is that I have gone through circumstances that were behind wearing the hijab and being away from people.

At the time, I was a movie star and I had a movie showing it (His Majesty’s Tears), and at that time I was performing the Umrah and came back feeling that art took me from my mother, my personal life, my religion and my worship, so I decided to devote myself and stay away from art, and I wore the hijab.

The artist, Suhair Ramzy, denied that Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawy was behind her veil, as was said, adding: “But he told me at the time: Do what comforts you, and if you play good roles that benefit people.

And she added: “After a while, my mother died and married my last husband, Alaa El-Sherbiny, and artistic performances flooded me, so I decided to return to acting with the hijab, and at the same time I was religiously committed and preserved all the rituals of religion.”

She added: “With time, I felt obligated and felt that my hijab was more modesty than a hijab, so I began to lighten up, and with my old age I felt that I did not need the hijab as long as I was committed and modest in general.”

Ramzy explained that she took off the veil permanently and that it was a stage and ended, and her decision was out of conviction because she does nothing but complete conviction.

Suheir called on others not to interfere in her life and stressed that she does not care about the attack that happened to her because the veil is a personal matter and no one can judge her intention and closeness to her Lord, and this is not determined by the veil only although it is imposed.


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