“Adel Imam enters the hospital after sudden fatigue”… his brother reveals the truth


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The brother of the Egyptian artist, Adel Imam, resolved circulating news about receiving treatment in hospitals for one day, after feeling sudden fatigue.

It was reported that Adel Imam, 81, was in a hospital in the 6th of October City, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and that he left for his home, accompanied by a nursing staff, to take care of him.

The producer, Issam Imam, denied the news, and confirmed in statements ET Arabic program The health condition of his brother, Adel Imam, is good, and he does not suffer from any health defect, and that he is at his home.
The Egyptian artist, Adel Imam - Sputnik Arabic, 1920, 12.11.2021

Adel Imam’s brother breaks his silence about the “leader’s” retirement and “sitting in a room alone”… Video

It is noteworthy that last month, social media users circulated news about the deterioration of Adel Imam’s health condition, and his infection with the new “Corona” virus, which was denied by his brother, Essam Imam.

Adel Imam has always chased rumors of illness and death over the past few years, including in March 2020, when he himself went out to deny these rumors, and he said in statements to the “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on MBC Egypt, that he had a common cold, He asked:Why do you want my death?“.

Issam Emam announced earlier that he and his brother, Adel Emam, are preparing for a new movie, called “Al-Wad wa Abouh”, starring Muhammad Imam, the youngest son of the comedian.

With the movie “Al-Wad wa Abouh”, Adel Imam returns to the cinema screen after an absence of 12 years, since his last movie, “Zheimer”, was shown to him.


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