After a long absence… a frightening appearance by the artist “Najla Fathi”… Watch how time betrayed the screen girl!. (photo)


A picture of the Egyptian artist, Naglaa Fathi, spread on social media, on the occasion of her 70th birthday, which fell on December 21, and this is her latest appearance, after many years of absence since her retirement from the artwork.

The features of old age appeared on the artist, Naglaa Fathi, in a photo published by the director and media person, Mohamed Khader, for him, accompanied by his wife Yasmine Abu El-Naga, her mother, artist Naglaa Fathi, and his daughter Zain on his personal account on the “Instagram” website.

The artist’s daughter-in-law attached the photo to the comment, saying: “I advised her that she does not fall at this age before she does plastic surgery and designed to attend Zain’s piano concert at the opera.” The photo received a large number of comments, whose authors agreed that Naglaa Fathi was, is, and will remain beautiful.


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