After being referred to the Mufti… How did the killer of Al-Rehab student carry out his crime, “Souad Hosni, the reason”


After the Cairo Criminal Court decided to refer the main accused of killing Al-Rehab student, and the father of his fiancee Habiba, to the Grand Mufti, to take his legal opinion on his execution, and set the next April to pronounce the verdict on all the accused. .

During the text of the prosecution’s investigations in Case No. 9820 of 2018, Al-Shorouk Felonies, and Restricted No. 575 of 2018, New Cairo, headed by Counselor Ahmed Hanafi, the first attorney general for the Public Prosecutions, known in the media as the “murder of the student of Al-Rehab,” the defendants confessed to the full facts of the crime, and the moments of killing the student Bassam Osama.

The main accused, “Ashraf Hamed”, confirmed that he thought about killing his daughter’s fiance for a period of 3 full months, after the student, Bassam Osama, directed insults and insults at his daughter and wife, and threatened to expose him after he learned of forging death certificates and a national number card, to escape from court rulings.

The accused confessed during the investigations, “I preferred to plan how to get rid of Bassam in an apartment I rented in the city of Rehab, and I took this idea from an Egyptian movie of Souad Hosni and Ahmed Mazhar called “The Laughing Crime,” and from him they agreed that I rented the apartment to put the extra luggage that I had in this apartment. And I actually rented the apartment in Rehab and rented it to one of my friends named “Mustafa” for 4,500 pounds per month for two years, and we made a contract and all of this while I was in my mind that I would kill Bassam.

The Cairo Court of Appeal, headed by Counselor Mohamed Reda Shawkat, set the November 24 session, to consider the first session of the trial of the accused, Ashraf Hamed Ali, his daughter Habiba, and 6 other defendants accused of killing a student, in the case known in the media as the Taleb Al-Rehab case.

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