After rumors of his heart disease, Badr Bannon responds


وقال Moroccan defender through his personal account.Instagram“It is not my habit to give explanations about rumours; But I would like to say that everything that is being circulated about my health is baseless.”

And he added, “Thank God, because of my infection with a virus Corona Twice close in time, I left complications that require me only rest, and not making any efforts for a period ranging between three and five weeks, God willing.”

Badr Banoon continued: “The respected pages and press are requested not to publish without verifying their authenticity, because such news causes fear and panic for the family and those close to it.”

And he concluded: “I hope you understand the matter, and my respect for everyone, without forgetting to thank everyone for checking my health, asking them about me, and I apologize for not being able to respond to all messages.”

He was a defender Alahli football club He was previously infected with the Corona virus, before the player was infected again, on the sidelines of his presence with his country participating in the African Cup of Nations currently being held in Cameroon.

And the Moroccan website “Hesport” claimed that بانون He has a heart condition, and that injury is the reason for his exclusion from Africa Cup of Nations.

The Moroccan website said, Badr Banoon He will not be able to participate in the African Nations Cup matches in Cameroon, due to his suffering from complications from a previous infection with the Corona virus in the heart, which will force him to be absent from the fields for a certain period and return after fully recovering.


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