After the success of transplanting a pig’s heart into a human being… a new, unprecedented step


This time, surgeons transplanted into Alabama pig kidneys In the body of a brain-dead man – a step-by-step rehearsal for a process they hope to transplant into surviving patients, perhaps later this year.

says Jamie Locke of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, who led the latest study and aims to start a clinical trial of the transplant. pig kidneys: “The shortage of organs is an unimaginable crisis, and we have no real solution to it.”

Similar experiences have made headlines in recent months, while research Animal Organ Transplant in a human body.

Twice this fall, surgeons tied the New york university For a temporary period a pig kidney with blood vessels outside the body of a dead recipient to surprise them with its work.

Earlier this month, surgeons at the Maryland Medical Center gave a dying man a heart from a genetically modified pig that has kept him alive so far.

But scientists still need to learn more about how to test these implants without risking a patient’s life.

With the help of a family that donated a body to science, Locke imitated the way a heart was transplanted into the human body – removing the “donor” pig’s kidney, then inserting it into the deceased’s stomach.

Over the course of about three days, until the man’s body was removed from the life support equipment, the pig’s kidneys survived without any sign of rejection, according to what her team recorded Thursday in the American Journal of Organ Transplantation.

Locke explained that it was not clear whether the thin blood vessels of the pig’s kidney would withstand the greater force of human blood pressure, but it did.

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