After the “video of harassment and assault”… a quick intervention from the Egyptian security


The video showed the accused young man standing with a friend on one of the corners, as the girl passed in front of them Harassment verbally, which the girl refused, reprimanding him, and he only beat her in front of everyone, before the residents of the area intervened.

The Egyptian newspaper, “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, stated that the 120-second video was taken in the village of Al-Ikhsas in the classroom in Giza, noting that it had spread widely, which expedited the police intervention.

And it turned out that the girl was called Iman (19 years old), and when asked by the security forces, she accused a person called “A. Shadia” of assaulting her after he harassed her.

and succeeded Egyptian police In the arrest of the accused, who is the victim’s neighbor, as he confessed to committing his crime in the police report, and the Public Prosecution is investigating him.

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