Al Hilal coach: We are not sure that our matches will be held in Sudan


Joao Motta, coach of the Sudanese Al Hilal team, stated that his club is not sure that the team’s matches will be held at its stadium in Sudan during the group stage of the African Champions League.

Al-Hilal coach added, in statements to the “On Time Sports 1” screen: “We are not sure that we will play in Sudan, we are waiting for the evaluation of the African Union.”

He continued, “We hope to play in front of our fans, Al Hilal fans, the 12th player, but it will be different if we do not play in Sudan.”

Regarding Al-Ahly’s confrontation, he replied: “I studied Al-Ahly 100%. Al-Ahly is a strong team as a team, not as a player.”

He continued, “If Al-Ahly is strong because of one or two players, it will not be strong. Al-Hilal is a good team, and Al-Ahly has great elements.”

Al-Ahly is at the top of the first group, accompanied by the teams (Al-Hilal – Al-Marikh – Sundowns).


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