Alaa Mubarak criticizes Amr Adib after announcing his “will”


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The son of the former Egyptian president, Alaa Mubarak, sparked widespread controversy, after commenting on the announcement of the media, Amr Adib.

Adeeb released what he called his will when he spoke on his “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on MBC Egypt, about criticisms leveled by some against the journalist Wael El-Ibrashi, who died a few days ago after a long suffering from the Corona virus.

Adeeb said that he is “a great and irreplaceable journalist”, expressing his dissatisfaction with “the two molesters in Wael Al-Ibrashi,” and asked: “Where are the equestrians and the pride, you are not able to confront Al-Ibrashi alive and split him dead.”

Adeeb added: “My will is when I die, stay and stand beside me… and don’t let the railroad dogs eat my flesh.”

On the other hand, Alaa Mubarak republished what Adeeb said, with a comment he wrote on his Twitter account, saying: “He who lived with two faces died without a face… We seek refuge in God from the evil of people with two faces.”

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