Ali Al-Kassar was loved by the audience as Othman Abdel Baset, and the Nubians hated him.. I know why


What many people do not know is that the late artist Ali al-Kassar is not a Nubian at all, but he was born in the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood, and although he excelled in presenting a character he invented, Othman Abdel Baset al-Nubi al-Asmar, who has simple features that seem spontaneous to the point of naivety and idiocy, but he nonetheless depends On his innate intelligence in the face of problems and crises, and despite his naivety and idiocy, he is very proud of his dignity.

These features that he drew did not like many Nubians at the time. Rather, they met him in the Abdeen area and beat him because they saw a distortion of their image in Egyptian cinema at the time, but despite the Nubians anger at him, the character he presented was one of the most successful characters in Egyptian cinema and achieved fame and success. In fact, the character of “Osman Abdel Basset” has become one of the characters for which dozens of films have been written.

Ali Al-Kassar was given the character “Othman Abdel Basset” from his work with his uncle Safarji in the palace of a wealthy man, and in 1916 he presented with his partner the play “Hassan Abu Ali Stole the Goat”, in which he presented the role of a “servant from the Nuba”, and recalled all his experiences that he stored during his work as a slave With the Nubians, his character became a huge success, and from here the character began to spread and penetrate into the cinema.

Ali Al-Kassar took the nickname “Al-Kassar” from his mother, but his real name is Ali Khalil Salem, and his fame “Al-Kassar” was derived from his mother, Zainab Ali Al-Kassar, to whom he owed a great deal of thanks for his upbringing and her belief in his talent and support for him after the death of his father.

Among the list of the 100 most important films in Egyptian cinema, the movie “Osman and Ali”, in which he embodied two roles of two completely similar men, but the social difference between them is very large, the first for Othman Abdel Basset, the simple and fun worker, and the second Ali Bey, the rich, serious and elegant director.


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