All you need to know about Google’s new billion dollar building in 5 facts


Google will spend $1 billion on a new office building in London in a big bet on the return of its employees to the workplace, as the technology giant announced that it is buying the Central Saint Giles development project in central London, Ronan Harris, vice president of Google in the United Kingdom and Ireland, said in a statement The purchase of the project would allow Google to increase the number of employees from 6,400 to 10,000 in the country.

According to the “Business Insider” website, we present the most important information about the new administrative building in simple points:

1- The office will include quiet areas, lounges, and work teams for cooperation between colleagues.

2- There are outdoor work spaces so that employees can work outdoors.

3- According to the Financial Times report, there will also be “firefighting” spaces for employees, and these spaces are circular meeting rooms for video calls inside the building.

4- The $1 billion office will be used as a place for personal collaboration and communication.

5- Silicon Valley Company employed nearly 700 other people last year, so it wants more space to receive workers, especially as they return to work in the office after mitigating the Corona crisis.


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