An American study flips the scales about the impact of corona on fertility


Although the recent American study revealed that more research is still needed to determine the cause of low male fertility after infection with corona infection, which may be associated with the symptoms of fever that accompany corona, and which may affect fertility, according to the US National Institutes of Health.

A recent American study published by the American Journal of Scientific Epidemiology revealed that corona vaccines do not affect fertility, whether for men or women, but infection with Covid-19 may affect fertility for up to two months.

The study monitored data on more than 2,100 women and men in the United States and Canada.

She indicated that there was no effect on the fertility rates of corona vaccines, which confirms their safety for use.

Corona effect on pregnancy

The data showed that women who tested positive for corona were less likely to become pregnant during the 60 days after infection.

Emilia Weslink, an epidemiologist from Boston University, told CNBC that “there is no harm in women’s ability to become pregnant, but it may take longer after infection with corona.”

No long-term effects have been shown

She stressed that the results so far have not shown any long-term effects on the fertility of men and women due to infection with corona.

“Inflammation caused by infection with the Corona virus may play a role in reducing sperm quality,” said Adi Katz, director of the department of gynecology at Lenox Hill. “Multiple studies have now shown that Covid infection can affect male fertility, especially those who develop moderate to severe disease.”

Doctor Bobak Berukim, a fertility specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, says that “men who suffer from symptoms of corona with a high temperature, can experience a temporary decrease in the number of sperm, which returns to normal levels after about two months.”

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