An angelic appearance.. Watch Donia Batmas daughter snatching the spotlight from her mother,, Watch her enchanting beauty.. Does she look like her sister (Hala Al-Turk)?!! (picture)


With her followers through the Stories feature on the Instagram application, she was carrying her little girl, while her eldest daughter Ghazal insisted on her mother’s participation in the broadcast.

Ghazal drew attention with her appearance with soft hair after smoothing it like her mother, and she showed different and more mature features and completely changed her shape with long and soft hair, especially since the audience had become accustomed to her short curly hair, so the new look was a surprise to many followers.

During the broadcast, Butma invited her daughter to sing with her the song “Bilbt Al-Band” by Emirati artist Hussain Al Jasmi, and then the song “Love Me or Love Others” by the star Ahlam. Determine and resolve this matter because of her young age, which does not show whether she actually has a good quality of voice.

Many observers considered that Ghazal with long soft hair has become very similar to her sister Hala, and everyone agreed on the child’s wit and wit through her innocent movements and her insistence on staying in front of the camera with his mother


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