An angry statement from Dembele in response to the statements of a Barcelona official


The Frenchman, Osman Dembele, the winger of the Barcelona team, expressed his anger at the statements made by Matteo Alemani, the Catalan football director, in which he ordered the player to search for a new team immediately.

The French star has suffered in Barcelona since joining him from Borussia Dortmund in 2017, for 105 million euros ($118.77 million).

A series of injuries and setbacks prevented the player from progressing, although coach Xavi Hernandez confirmed that Dembele could become the best in the world in his position.

Dembele’s contract with Barcelona runs until the end of the current season, which means that the winter transfer window this month may be the last chance for the club to benefit financially from the player.

Barcelona does not want to lose money in a deal that cost him a lot, by leaving the player in a free transfer deal, so the Catalan club wanted to extend his contract, but Alemani confirmed that all offers made to Dembele were rejected by the players’ agents.

Alemani added, in his speech to Barcelona channel, today, Thursday: “It seems that the player does not want to continue his career with Barcelona and that he is not committed to the team’s future project.”

These statements angered Dembele, while Alemani said: “We told him and his agent that he must leave the team immediately, and we want the presence of players committed to the project. We expect the transfer process to occur before January 31.”

Dembele has been linked with a move to several clubs such as Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain and Newcastle.

In response to Barcelonas position, Dembele issued a lengthy statement on the Instagram photo-sharing platform, saying that he would not submit to what he described as blackmail.

The 24-year-old explained that he spent four years reading a lot of lies about him, stressing that this was fabricated for the sole purpose of harming him, according to the statement, indicating that he was wrong not to talk about it sooner.

Dembele said: “Starting today, I will answer honestly and will not succumb to any blackmail, I am 24 years old, and like everyone else I have mistakes, I have experienced complicated moments of injuries and I have also been infected with Corona, I was responding to the coach’s call to participate even without training.”

He added: “I appreciate the opportunity to do the best job in the world, and in addition to that my message is clear, I do not allow anyone to say that I am not involved in the sports project, I do not allow anyone to rummage in my intentions that I did not state, I do not allow anyone to speak on behalf of on my behalf or on behalf of my agent who has my full confidence.”

Dembele continued: “I still have a contract, and I am always at the disposal of my team and coach. I have always given everything I have to my teammates and the fans, and this will not stop now.”

Xavi had asked Dembele to sign a new contract or be sold, but the player who joined Barcelona after a huge transfer deal for Brazilian Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain may have participated in his last match with the Catalan team, after he was excluded from the team list in a match Athletic Bilbao in the King’s Cup Round of 16 on Thursday.

“It’s not in my nature to cheat and I don’t give in to blackmail,” Dembele explained.

Dembele concluded his statement by saying: “As you know there are negotiations, and I left it up to my agent to take care of him because that is his business, my business is football and sharing winning moments with my teammates as well as with the fans, and most importantly, let’s focus on the main things which is winning.”

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