An asteroid is dangerously approaching Earth


T + T – normal size

A Russian scientific source said that, in the spring of 2029, the asteroid “Apovis” will approach the Earth very closely, and it will reach the orbits of fixed satellites around the Earth.

A source at the Central Federal Institute for Science and Higher Technologies of the Russian Emergencies Ministry stated that the diameter of this asteroid, which will carry a severe danger, is about 400 meters and weighs about 30 tons.

According to the forecasts of the institute, this approach will occur on April 13, 2029, one day after the celebration of Cosmonautics Day in Russia.

Experts note that, the energy released in the event of a possible collision of this asteroid with the Earth will reach 1717 megatons, which is 30 times more than the energy released during the explosion of the most powerful thermonuclear bomb in the world tested by the Soviet Union in 1961.

The source added: “The earthquake’s strength within a radius of 10 km, from the location of the celestial body may reach 6.5 points on the Richter scale, and the wind speed will reach 790 meters per second at least,” according to Russia Today.

It is noteworthy that, large space objects, including asteroids with a diameter of more than one kilometer. About 120 very large meteorite craters are known on Earth, the largest of which is the Bobygay Depression in the northern Siberian Plateau in Russia.


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