An Egyptian-Algerian consensus on the necessity of holding the Libyan elections.. Tomorrow on the seventh day


The Seventh Day will publish in tomorrow’s issue of the printed newspaper a set of important news and coverage, headed by an Egyptian-Algerian summit in the Federal Palace.. An Egyptian-Algerian consensus on the necessity of holding the Libyan elections to coincide with the departure of foreign forces and mercenaries.. President Sisi: The necessity of preserving Egypt’s water rights. I agreed with President Tebboune on the importance of reaching an agreement on the Renaissance Dam.. The Algerian President: Egypt has a historical, geographical and strategic position in building bridges of cooperation between its Arab brothers.

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– The House of Representatives finally approves 5 laws, most notably the unified public finance, planning and a package of legislation to support investment.. Refusal to grant judicial control to workers in finance and tourism

– “A decent life” Khair and Ammar in the villages.. Extending and strengthening the water networks in the villages of Al-Zaytoun and Kafr Al-Jazira in Beni Suef

– Queiroz focuses on the rebounds.. The Pharaohs and Elephants are a strong confrontation in the round of 16 tonight

– 64.5% increase in the volume of Egyptian exports to the Libyan market.. “Commerce and Industry”: keen on strengthening cooperation with Libya

– Availability to register examination forms for high school students.. “Education” directs the student to write and print data


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