An elegant and economical Japanese car that conquers the world markets


An elegant and economical Japanese car that conquers the world markets

Honda dealers have announced the company’s intention to expand the market for the new HR-V.

The new vehicle is characterized by minor modifications to the exterior structure compared to the HR-V that preceded it, as the design of the front radiator cover grille and the shape of the shock absorbers were slightly changed, and the car also received distinctive lamps working with the latest LED technologies.

The car came with a chassis length of 4 meters and approximately 30 cm, width of 179 cm, and height of 159 cm. It was also equipped with distinctive wheels ranging in size from 16 to 18 inches.

Its cabin is equipped with two rows of comfortable seats that can accommodate five passengers. The seats have a heating and cooling system and electrical systems to control their positions. The driving interface is also equipped with a large touch screen in the middle to control the multimedia systems, satellite guidance systems, and monitor the surroundings of the car via cameras.

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Honda equipped it with an engine start system, remote air conditioning, a blind spot system to avoid accidents, a system to maintain stability on turns and gradients, light and rain sensors, distance sensors and front and rear cameras.

The versions of the car will come with front and all-wheel drive systems, 131-horsepower gasoline engines, and seven-speed automatic gearboxes, as well as versions with economical and environmentally friendly hybrid engines.

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