Angham: My two sons have good taste in girls.. and her two sons: Mama Halasa and Grandfather very much


The star, Angham, was a guest on the “Live of Duplexes” program with Abla Fahita in her first television interview in a long time.

Angham answered the question of the doll Fahita, about the taste of her two sons in their relations with the opposite sex, saying: “Both have good taste, and I like their taste in girls.”

Angham revealed that her two sons are good at singing and “their voice is sweet”, and about her personality with her children at home, they said: “Mama is very hallucinating, but very seriously, so that the melodies jokingly replied: “They will not fear the house today.”

Angham’s most prominent statements during the episode came:

I am not annoyed if someone is dressed like someone, but I am annoyed if someone makes a song like me

I don’t look to the audience and I sing

I know how to cook: I make sweet rice

fanatical fanatics

I was in Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh and Egypt playing the first match in the World Cup, and I was in the hotel’s voice while I was watching

I wear my boys clothes

Playing sports at night while they are sleeping

Randa Riad spends Valentine with me, not with Sharnoby

Can I finish the “Iskanderani” koshary suit while I’m sitting

I met Wael Kfoury through a friend and came up with the idea for the duet

My son’s age is 24 years old, and Abdul Rahman is 16 years old

I was so naughty, I slept a few hours

I did not know that I would be a star, but I felt that this is my place

I don’t want to make a “I write you a pledge” clip, so that I can leave people and their imaginations

The play “A Bullet in the Heart” with Ali El-Haggar, and it was a sweet experience and it was very successful

I love Fifi Abdo and Suhair Zaki

When I hear sad songs, I sometimes cry


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