Angham: She wrote a pledge not to marry again and reveals her health problem


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The actress revealed melodies About more secrets and details of her life during the program Apple Fajita On New Year’s Eve, her position on remarriage and her preparations before the parties.

Angham reveals her party preparations

و .وضحت melodies She avoids looking at the audience while singing on stage at parties for fear of getting distracted

Inaam said: “I do not look at the audience while singing for fear of being distracted. I try to give the audience the impression that I am looking at it,” noting that it is very immersed in the offenses, and follow-up: During the singing, it merged with the situation that I express in the song, which represents a representative aspect during the singing. “.

Abla Fahita Angham joked with a number of photos from her concerts while looking up at the end of the song, and commented on her, saying: “This is the qibla,” noting that she opens her arms on the stage at the concert, commenting: “By being myself embracing the audience.”

Abla Fahita directed her speech to the artist, Angham, saying: If we tie your hand, you will not know how to sing. Angham replied, “No, I will not know how to sing.”

Angham reveals her position on marriage again

Regarding her marital status, Angham explained that she has two children and is now unmarried, commenting that she decided not to marry again, and commented: “I wrote a pledge that I would not marry.”

And she said, “I am shy, and this is the biggest flaw in me, and I dance when I am alone at home, and before parties I love to keep quiet and not eat much.”

Angham revealed for the first time about a problem she suffers from in her right shoulder, noting that she does not intentionally hide it in her photos that she publishes through her accounts on social media..

Angham commented on the artist’s photo Sherine Abdel Wahab Which she had posted to her at her home after they had eaten Fesikh together.

He said that the artist at that time came to her home and brought her a meal of fesikh, but her mother had already prepared fesikh, so Sherine ate it and left what she brought, commenting: “Mama is making sweet fesikh.”

Angham appeared to her audience in her first television interview in a long time with Abla Fahita, and revealed during the evening that was shown on the TV channel. ON, about her relationship with the kitchen, the most prominent dishes and dishes that she is good at preparing, and her love for the koshary that her mother prepares.

How did Angham comment on the rumors of her association?

A while ago, rumors circulated about her emotional connection and engagement to director Magdi El-Hawary, the divorced artist, Ghada Adel, and the father of her children, but she denied the matter and described it as ridiculous, and this is not the first time that she has been exposed. melodies Such rumors revolve around her association, and the existence of a new love story in her life, especially after her separation from her ex-husband, music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, and his return to his first wife shortly after his marriage with Angham.

Angham’s response was decisive every time, as she made it clear that she would not be associated during this period, because she is dedicated to her home and art, and when the appropriate moment comes, she will be announced to the public.


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