Announcement of emergency in traffic operations rooms to face potential rain on highways


The General Traffic Department announced a state of emergency in the operations and relief rooms in anticipation of rain or receiving reports of bad weather around the clock, after meteorologists forecast weather fluctuations in the coming days.

The Operations Room of the General Traffic Department, headed by Major General Moamen Saeed, Assistant Minister for Traffic, monitors the movement of cars on top of the axes and squares, through the traffic services deployed on the roads..

The movement of cars is also monitored by surveillance cameras, to monitor any traffic densities in the axes, with the deployment of traffic cranes on the roads to remove any traffic obstacles, whether accidents or malfunctions..

The General Traffic Department provided and published a number of traffic relief vehicles that were distributed to all road sections, assisting motorists whose cars broke down on the roads or car accidents through the phone number 01221110000.

And the Meteorological Authority expects, today, Saturday, to witness a decrease in temperature, so that cold weather will prevail during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts, cold in northern Upper Egypt, moderate in southern Sinai and the mountain ranges of the Red Sea and southern Upper Egypt, very cold at night in all parts, up to a limit Frost on central Sinai.

The Meteorological Authority stated, Today, Saturday, light to medium rain on the northern and central Sinai coasts, and chances of light rain on northern Lower Egypt.

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