Ansar Allah puts a “small statelet” in front of two options and says it is desperate to serve America and Israel


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Today, Monday, the Ansar Allah group in Yemen said that there is a “small statelet” that has two options, either to hurry to stop its tampering in Yemen, or to come to it by the power of God that does not cut off its hand and the hand of others.

The head of the national delegation, Muhammad Abd al-Salam, said, via his Twitter account, that “this small statelet is desperate to serve America and Israel,” noting that it claimed that it had distanced itself from Yemen, but it was recently exposed, contrary to what it claimed.

On the other hand, she said Al Masirah channel Affiliated to Ansar Allah, “The head of the national delegation, Muhammad Abd al-Salam, meant the UAE in his tweet, referring to the military operation that was carried out deep inside the UAE.
The Abu Dhabi Police announced that they had brought under control the fire that occurred in the “ICAD 3” area in Mussafah 3 deathsOne of them is a Pakistani and two are of Indian nationality, with 6 others injured in the accident, according to a statement carried by the official Emirates News Agency (WAM).

The police said that they spotted two drones near the site of the explosion of the three tanks, and indicated that the two planes may have caused the explosion, and that a “slight” fire had occurred in the construction areas of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Houthi armed forces, Yahya Saree, said: The group will announce the details An operation that targeted the “Emirati Depth” within hours.
For its part, the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced, Intercepting and destroying 8 drones Throughout the day, it was launched towards Saudi Arabia, adding that he “is following the threat of hostile attacks using drones in the air: according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

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