Architectural miracle.. Italian village above the hills in the form of a human climbing a mountain “Tyre”


An Italian photographer captured a unique scene depicting the village of Chantorip, located above the hills of Sicily in southern Italy, as if a giant man lies on the ground with spread legs and outstretched hands as if climbing a mountain. building expansion Italian Village To draw a human figure who appears to be a mountain climber, then Andrea Berry decides, using a drone, to capture the unique shape of the village outline from the sky.

The photographer said that everyone who heard about the scene that the village of Chanturip looks like from the sky, doubted the truth of the information and doubted about the strange shape, and after confirming by himself of the unique view of the village from the sky, “Andrea” published the photos he had taken with the drone, through social networking sites, Also, many thought that they might be images recombined through computer programs.

But after they were confirmed by searching through Google Earth image programs, they personally apologized to him and expressed their astonishment at the fact that the formation of the village above the hills looked like.

As his photos spread, and attracted global attention, the 33-year-old photographer received a letter from the city’s governor and an invitation to organize an open art exhibition to display his work to the city’s residents. The footage is so clear that I can get out with the clear view due to the limited height of the drone, but I am happy with the result.”

The city is built at an altitude of 730 meters above sea level, and its location offers a wonderful view of the province of Enna and the famous Mount Etna on the Italian island of Sicily.

A human-shaped village in southern Italy
A human-shaped village in southern Italy
human shaped village
human shaped village

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