Artists rush to Nancy Ajram’s collapsed apartment to offer her condolences, and the identity of the deceased is shocking


The Lebanese artist, Basem Mughniyeh, announced the death of the grandmother of his compatriot, star Nancy Ajram, by offering his condolences to her, through a tweet to him on his official account on Twitter.

Mughniyeh said, “Mercy is for your grandmother’s soul. My condolences to you and your honorable family.”

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As soon as the news appeared, other news emerged that talked about the artists rushing to Nancy’s collapsed apartment to mourn her loss in Beirut, Lebanon.

Ajram had revived the first New Year’s Eve to be held in the Egyptian city of Galala in Ain Sukhna, next to the beach of the “Tulip” hotel, and the entire number of Arab nationalities attended.

Nancy appeared accompanied by her business manager, producer Gigi Lamara, and they were received by Ashraf Al-Hadidi and Sherine Badr, and the organizer of the ceremony, Yasser Al-Hariri.

Nancy caught the attention and cheers of admiration as soon as she went up on stage next to her band, wearing a dress, half black and the other white, chanting the song “You don’t come here and I love you.”

Nancy lit the party with a bouquet of her distinctive songs that she starred in throughout her artistic career, including “Who is this who forgot you?”, “Salamat”, “Ah and a text”, “Inta eh” and “Ya Banat”… in addition to “Inta Masri”, which It ignited more excitement and others, based on the desire of the audience.

The ceremony included the rise of singer and composer Mohamed Rahim on stage next to Nancy, who, for her part, presented it to the audience and indicated that they had previously collaborated on the song “The World is Sweet”.

The ceremony was presented by the Lebanese media, Sana Nasri, produced by Ashraf Al-Hadidi and Sherine Badr. The ceremony was distinguished by the atmosphere of the wonderful organization of the international DJ Yasser Al-Hariri from Tamer Fawzy’s theater, lighting by Walid Al-Hariri and photography by Salah Joudeh.

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