As if she was a mermaid on the ground: Turkish star Handa Archil.. takes off the dress of shame and stirs instincts with her exposed charms and temptation suggestions that amazed her audience..!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Through her personal account on the Instagram network, the Turkish star Handa Archil published a set of pictures of her from her latest photo session,

She appeared in a short black dress, with an opening that reached the abdomen, and the chest was exposed, with a raised hairstyle and short bangs.

What is remarkable in the pictures is that Handa made exciting temptations to attract attention, next to a car showing her buttocks,

Comments on her photos were not flooded by followers who flirted with her beauty and excitement, while some criticized her for undressing in most of her photos, deliberately provocative and temptation, and making sexual suggestions.

Handa Archil recently sparked controversy, after the pioneers of social networking sites shared a bold picture of her kissing the Turkish star Burak Deniz and practicing intimacy.

What caused the uproar among the followers, especially since she is in a romantic relationship with the Turkish star Karam Bursin, but it turned out that the picture was taken from their old series “Love does not understand words”, and is not realistic.


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