Aviation crisis in America due to “5G” networks… What’s the story?


Yesterday, the telecommunications companies “Verizon” and “AT&T” began operating the fifth generation network in major urban areas inUnited State.

According to the “Flyer Aware” website, at around 16:30 GMT Wednesday, about 215 flights that were scheduled to take off or land in Airports American.

Among the airlines that announced the suspension of their flights on Wednesday, Air UAE And Air India, ANA (All Nippon) and Japanese Airlines.

Some companies have also resorted Aviation To change the type of aircraft used on its flights to the United States.

The two telecom giants spent tens of billions of dollars to acquire network licenses Fifth generation Last year, however, companies in the aviation sector raised concerns about possible interference with wireless altimeters, which may use the same frequencies, especially if the weather is bad.

Aviation experts say the reliance on robotic landing gear increases more intensely during bad weather.

They explain that the radiation strength of the new devices for the “5G” networks interferes with devices similar to radar used by aircraft, to help the landing and know the altitude.

They highlight that this interference may cause interference during the landing process, in light of the interruption or damage to the communication process with the control towers.

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg told CNBC he was confident that the issues with the airline industry would “resolve” following cooperation with “all stakeholders, including White House“.

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