Bahaa Taher to “The Seventh Day”: I am fine and eager to read constantly


“The Seventh Day” was keen to communicate with the great novelist, storyteller and translator Bahaa Taher To congratulate him on his birthday, which the great writer celebrated the day before yesterday, January 13, as well as to check on the health of Mr. Bahaa Taher.

The great novelist Bahaa Taher said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day” I am fine, healthy and eager to read, even if the quantity is small, but it has not stopped.

The great writer, novelist, storyteller and translator Bahaa Taher was born on January 13, 1935 AD, and his first publication was his short story collection entitled “The Engagement” in 1972 AD.

Bahaa Taher belongs to the sixties generation. He was awarded the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2008 for his novel “Sunset Oasis.” He was born in Giza Governorate. He obtained a university degree at the Faculty of Arts, Department of History, in 1956 from Cairo University, and a graduate diploma in media, Radio and Television Division, in the year 1956. 1973.

He worked as a translator at the State Information Service between 1956 and 1957, and worked as a drama director and broadcaster on Radio Two, which was one of its founders until 1975, when he was banned from writing, after being prevented from writing, he left Egypt and traveled in Africa and Asia, where he worked as a translator, and lived in Geneva between In 1981 and 1995, he worked as a translator at the United Nations, after which he returned to Egypt, where he lives until now.

After he released his first collection of stories in 1972, entitled (The Engagement), then his works alternated between a group of stories such as: (Yesterday I dreamed of you), (I am the King I came), (I went to a waterfall), and (I did not know that peacocks were flying), and novels such as : (East of the Palms), (Duha said), (My Aunt Safiya and the Monastery), (Love in Exile), (Point of Light), and (Sunset Oasis).

Baha Taher won the Booker Prize for his novel (Sunset Oasis) in 2008, and the State Prize for Literature in 1998. He received the Italian Giuseppe Acerbi Prize in 2000 for my aunt Safiya and the Monastery. He received the Elziator Prize. Alziator The Italian 2008 about love in exile – edited by Khaled Khair, and Bahaa Taher received the Mubarak Prize for Literature, which he received in 2009 in the year 2011 during the protests in Egypt, the great writer was also honored with the opening of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Baha Taher’s culture in Luxor, and in 2021, the novelist Bahaa Taher was awarded the Ghassan Kanafani Shield for the Arabic Novel in appreciation of his role in the history and development of the Arab novel, and its clear impact and legacy in its enrichment, development and progress.

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