Barcelona News: Urgent.. Dembele breaks his silence and responds to Barcelona in an official statement


Ousmane Dembele – Barcelona – La Liga

Sport 360 – France international Ousmane Dembele, winger Barcelona, ​​SpainOn his silence, the Catalan club responded to his exclusion from the list of Athletic Bilbao match, tonight, with an official statement via his account on the social network, Instagram.

Dembele said, according to the newspaper spanish sport, Thursday evening, “There are negotiations and I leave this matter to my agent to take care of him, he is someone I trust very much, it is the field that he knows, and my field is just playing football.”

A fiery message from Dembele after his crisis with Barcelona

The Frenchman added, “I have not stopped reading many things about me during 4 years, without even trying to justify or explain anything, but from today I confirm that this has become a thing of the past. I will respond to everything with honesty and will not accept any blackmail.”

“I refuse to be accused by anyone that I am not involved in the club’s sporting project, or that I ascribe to myself some intentions that I did not have before,” Dembele added.

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The French player continued his speech, “I am not an unjust man, but I do not succumb to any kind of blackmail, I want to enjoy my work and focus on winning, and today I have a clear message to everyone, everyone should stop talking about me and my clients, I am linked with the club by contract and ready to help the team, and under The coach ordered at any time.

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