Basma Wahba.. She lost her Saudi billionaire husband after she took off her hijab, and this is the secret of her eldest son’s escape on the wedding night


Some stars of the Arab world have chosen to marry men who were considered the most handsome at all, because of their pictures spread on social networking sites, which revealed the extent of their handsomeness.

And it came to the fact that they became competing for the title of the most handsome and attractive between spouses, as this matter became the focus of the attention of many followers and pioneers of social media and many accounts and artistic sites, which always review their news and put them in comparisons about the most famous and handsome.

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This is what happened with the Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, when she participated through her official account on the “Instagram” website, with a picture of her accompanied by her husband, the police officer, “Alaa Abed”, the deputy and head of the Transport and Communications Committee in the Egyptian House of Representatives, who managed to attract the attention of a large number of followers of the artist, who liked it. Some of them also expressed their surprise after revealing his profession and political position.

Who is Basma Wahba the Saudi husband? To a great disagreement between the spouses, which led to a divorce, then she married her second husband, a police officer

The Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, was born in 1972 and is 49 years old. She married the first time to Saudi Osama Al-Sayed, and divorced him after giving birth to her two sons, Abdel Rahman and Abdel Aziz.

She married again to police officer Alaa Abed, and held a big celebration in a Cairo hotel, but her eldest son Abdel Rahman ran away from the house at that time in denial of his mother’s marriage, and after announcing her separation from her husband, her son returned again, so Basma decided to marry the same person later. And she celebrated the marriage by holding a small party in her own cafe in the Mohandessin area, and she gave birth to a daughter named Khadija.

Did Basma Wahba suffer from cancer? The media, Basma Wahba, announced that she had cancer years ago, and the malignant tumor was removed from her body and she received severe chemical doses until God cured her, but cancer attacked her again and she had to undergo surgery in order to remove the tumor in the city of London

The controversial Egyptian media, Basma Wahba; She was famous in her beginnings in the field of media and radio broadcasting, by presenting religious programs on the Islamic satellite channel Iqraa, wearing the “hijab.” Then, she surprised the audience by taking off her veil and presenting various other programs, the most famous of which is “Sheikh Al-Hara Program”, which is considered the most controversial artistic program.

Sherine reveals shocking confessions and reveals the secrets of the “bedroom” with Hossam Habib.. This is what he used to do with me every night on the sofa and because of him I asked for a divorce!
You will not imagine how much the dowry of the artist Laila Elwi was when she married the family of President Hosni Mubarak!!
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