Because of Omicron…disclosure of a new development for isolation hospitals in Egypt


Because of Omicron...disclosure of a new development for isolation hospitals in Egypt



A source at the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population said that the occupancy rate in hospitals designated to isolate Corona patients increased slightly this week, with the increase in the number of infections with the Omicron mutant.

The source indicated today, Thursday, that the occupancy rate in hospital beds increased to 11%, after it was 9% earlier this week, due to the increase in injuries.

He stressed that most of the infections that are booked in the hospital are for patients who did not receive the corona vaccination, adding: “Most of the infected people were not vaccinated, and therefore their health deteriorated after being infected with the virus.”

He pointed to the ministry’s monitoring of the significant increase in the number of injuries recently, in contrast to the daily census that is officially announced, which represents the number of people who conducted smears only, regardless of the other number of infected people who were isolated at home or whose injuries were discovered by doctors in their outpatient clinics.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 1,379 new positive cases of the Corona virus, and 33 deaths.

Source: Masrawy website

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