Because of Wael El-Ibrashi .. “a burning crisis” in Egypt


She indicated that she is well aware of the attempts of some to confuse matters by addressing issues and complaints medical error, in an attempt by them to evade responsibility and to dissuade the union from taking legal measures against them and that it will not be affected by these attempts.

I repeated Egyptian Medical Syndicate Announcing its position on Medical damage issues Being specialized professional cases, determining liability for damage and the presence or absence of a medical error is the decision of a specialized technical committee under the supervision of the competent authorities authorized by law to conduct investigations.

She stressed that some media coverage of medical incidents, accusing doctors or others, and issuing prior convictions, is against the law, and it is a presumption and an attack on the judicial authority.

She explained: “With reference to the controversy surrounding the death of the journalist Wael Al-IbrashiThe Egyptian Medical Syndicate confirms that the health of citizens and the preservation of their lives without discrimination are the highest goals of doctors and one of the basics of the profession, and that the Medical Syndicate deals with one standard, which is the investigation of justice in complaints of medical error. of the patient in terms of importance, fame, or position.

The Medical Syndicate affirmed its appreciation for the media profession, and called on media professionals not to address statements and accusations sent in medical cases without the issuance of final rulings from the concerned authorities, similar to what the media are committed to in cases related to other professions.

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