Biden threatens Russia with “unprecedented disaster and sanctions”


Biden threatens Russia

AP Susan Walsh

US President Joe Biden threatened Russia with “unprecedented” sanctions if it launched an “attack” on Ukraine, warning Moscow of a “disaster” in the event of escalation.

Biden said during his press conference on Wednesday, that “this would be a disaster for Russia if it went ahead with its invasion of Ukraine,” and that “the Russians would pay a heavy price” in the event of an escalation.

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Calls in Congress for pre-emptive sanctions against Russia

In response to a question about why he believes that the threat of new sanctions will affect Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden said: “Because he has never seen such sanctions that I promised to impose in the event that he takes this step.”

Biden added that he was convinced that Putin “does not want a full-scale war.”

It is noteworthy that Russia had repeatedly rejected Western accusations of preparing for an attack on Ukraine, and pointed out that the West was exploiting this situation to justify increasing NATO’s military presence on Russias borders.

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