Boosted doses are needed to counter Omicron.. 3 studies confirm


While the controversy continues over the effectiveness of vaccines in the face of a mutant Aويمكرون From the Corona virus, 3 American studies confirmed the need for enhanced doses to protect against the mutated.

Three studies published yesterday, Friday, provided more evidence that vaccines against Corona can counteract the Omicron mutant, at least for people who received booster doses.

Health officials said it was the first major US study looking at protecting the vaccine from Omicron, according to the Associated Press.

Noticeable protection

Also, the studies reflect previous research, including what was conducted in Germany, South Africa and the United Kingdom, which indicates that current vaccines are less effective against Omicron compared to previous mutated strains of the Corona virus, but booster doses significantly improve protection as well.

The first study looked at the rate of hospitalizations, emergency wards and urgent care centers in 10 US states from August to this month.

Corona omicron emoticon

Corona omicron emoticon

Maximum efficacy was found after 3 doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines in preventing transfer to emergency or urgent care.

While the percentage of protection decreased from 94 percent during the delta wave to 82 percent in the Omicron wave.

The protection from only two doses was less, especially if 6 months had passed since the second dose.

Also, the second study focused on the status of Covid-19 and death rates in 25 US states from the beginning of April until Christmas.

Delta and Omicron

People who received the booster doses had the highest level of protection against the coronavirus, whether during a delta or omicron wave.

Both studies were published online on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Also, the Journal of the American Medical Association published the third study, which was prepared by researchers from the American centers as well.

new corona vaccine

new corona vaccine

It focused on people who tested positive for COVID-19 from December 10 to January 1 at more than 4,600 testing sites across the United States.

Three doses of the vaccines were 67 percent more effective in symptomatic Omicron-induced disease than those without the vaccine. But only two doses provided significant protection against Omicron, according to the study.

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