China introduces advanced and economical cars to global markets


China introduces advanced and economical cars to global markets

The Chinese company Chery announced its intention to launch new modified versions of the Exeed cars, after these cars received excellent sales in several countries around the world.

The new cars got more streamlined bodies than the bodies of the previous Exeed LX, and were equipped with new LED lights, in which the shape of the radiator cover grille, shock absorbers and fog lights were changed.

These vehicles feature an advanced cockpit equipped with touch panels to control the multimedia systems, air conditioning systems and most of the vehicle’s technologies, as well as comfortable leather seats that can accommodate five passengers, equipped with heating and cooling systems.

Chery provided it with a remote start system, a blind spot system to avoid accidents, a system that automatically maintains the car’s lane on the highways, light and rain sensors, distance sensors and front and rear cameras.

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Cadillac announces

Several versions will be offered from them, a version equipped with 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engines that generate torque equivalent to 156 horsepower, and a version with economic hybrid engines that consume about 4.5 liters of fuel only for every 100 km the vehicle travels, and versions with electric motors with batteries sufficient to cut approximately 1,000 km will be launched.

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