Chinese army develops huge robot that can carry 352 pounds and run at 6 miles per hour


Chinese scientists have developed a robot in the form of a huge robotic bull strong enough to carry up to 352 pounds, and capable of running at speeds of up to 6 miles per hour, and the robot can deal with all kinds of roads and weather conditions, and when deployed, it will join soldiers from the Chinese army in Logistic and reconnaissance missions across complex environments including snowfields, deserts and mountains.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the missions will include work in remote border areas, as well as in high-risk combat areas.

war robot
war robot
The robot comes with multiple sensors, giving it a high degree of awareness in the battlefield environment, and the Chinese robot walks on four legs, and is the most capable off-road in the world.

At about half the height of an average adult male, it comes equipped with an array of sensors that make it aware of the terrain and surrounding environment, as well as a high level of adaptability.

This includes the ability to climb stairs, climb ditches, as well as walk across slopes, muddy roads, deserts and ice fields.

China robot
China robot

There are 12 sets of joint units on the robot, allowing it to move forward and backward, as well as rotate to walk diagonally and run while remaining stable.


The joints mean that despite their size, they can also jump, run and turn, taking advantage of advanced sensors to be aware of their surroundings and incoming threats.

Perhaps awareness is more than just obstacles in the terrain, it also collects tactical information on the battlefield and returns it to mission leaders, and reports indicate that it will be used to deliver supplies, such as munitions and food, through environments that are highly hazardous to humans.


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