Chinese president warns of “catastrophic consequences” of any global confrontation


Chinese President Xi Jinping warned Monday that any confrontation between major powers would have “catastrophic consequences”, in a speech to world leaders at the online forum in Davos.

For the second year in a row, the forum, which brings together world political leaders and the most prominent businessmen, is organized online against the backdrop of the Covid outbreak.

Xi kicked off the forum’s work with a speech very similar to the one he delivered online last year, according to AFP.

A rare success story

He also praised China, where the epidemic first appeared, as a rare success story of its kind in dealing with the epidemic and the only major economic power that continues to record strong growth.

He also presented himself as a defender of pluralism while warning of the repercussions of deteriorating relations between major powers.

“Confrontation does not solve problems”

“Today’s world is far from calm, rhetoric that incites hatred and prejudices is increasing,” Xi Jinping said, according to the official translation of the online speech, adding: “History has proven time and time again that confrontation does not solve problems, but only leads to catastrophic consequences.” “.

It is noteworthy that China followed a strict policy based on “zero” cases of Covid, as soon as it controlled the outbreak at the beginning. Its borders have remained largely closed to foreign visitors, but it has remained a vital manufacturing destination for the world during the pandemic.

‘fierce battle’

Addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Chinese president said the world faced a “fierce battle” against a “once in a century epidemic”.

However, he pointed out that the epidemic “has proven to be protracted”, while new mutations are spreading faster than before, which exacerbates the challenges for the global economy.

He also warned that “global industrial supply chains have been disrupted. Commodity prices continue to rise while energy supplies remain limited.” He added that Beijing seeks “people-to-people contact to facilitate cross-border trade, keep industrial supply chains safe and smooth, and support steady and solid progress in the global economic recovery.”

However, there was no announcement in the letter on whether China would ease its border restrictions and when, if so.

A third presidential term?

China has remained relatively immune from any widespread outbreak of the virus on its territory, but it is currently trying to combat its spread locally in a number of major provinces and cities just weeks before the date of hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Xi Jinping is also moving to secure a third presidential term at an important Communist Party meeting during the fall and has repeatedly stressed that security is his priority.

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