“Coalition”: Houthis kidnapped a cargo ship flying the UAE flag off Hodeidah



Today, Monday, the Saudi-led Arab coalition announced that “the Houthi militia hijacked a cargo ship flying the Emirati flag off Hodeidah.”

The spokesman for the Arab coalition forces, Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, said that “the Houthi militia hijacked the cargo ship “Rawabi” off the port of Hodeidah,” noting that “the hijacked ship is flying the UAE flag.”

He considered that “the Houthi piracy operation on the hijacked cargo ship “Rawabi” off Hodeidah represents a real threat to the Houthi militias threat to maritime navigation in Bab al-Mandab,” adding that the cargo ship carries equipment special for operating the Saudi field hospital on Socotra Island.

Al-Maliki stressed, “We will take all necessary measures and measures to deal with the Houthi violation of the “Rawabi” cargo ship, including the use of force when necessary.”

Source: RT

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