Colors of the homeland | Hossam Bouji reveals the truth about his marriage after circulating pictures of him with a girl: “The Fame Tax”


Hossam El-Din, known as “Boji”, returned to the forefront of social networking sites again, after circulating a picture of him with a girl, amid allegations on the social media that he married her.

Social media pioneers claim that Hossam Bouji has married

“Praise be to God, whose grace good deeds are accomplished.. We read Fatihah.” That comment accompanied a picture Hossam Bouji The company of a girl, and spread very quickly on social networking sites, amid allegations that they are related to each other.

Hossam Bouji reveals the truth about his marriage after circulating pictures of him with a girl

During his speech to Al-Watan, “Bouji” denied his association with that girl next to him in the publications circulating on the social media, saying: “These are just rumors, like what happened before.”

The fame tax has hit Boogie since a number of celebrities met his dreams of appearing with them, which prompted some social media pioneers to use his name to promote rumors in order to gain more interaction on their pages.

was «boogieHe assured Al-Watan that he does not own any public pages on social media, but only has a personal account, on which a number of his friends are, explaining that he is always surprised by the pictures circulated on social media.

This was not the first rumor that affected Hossam Bouji after his fame, as rumors spread before about his association with the famous girl “Umm Rouh Helwa”, in addition to putting his picture on a play that is expected to be shown next Ramadan, despite his rejection of the presented offer.

It is worth noting that “Boji” gained wide fame, after publishing his story on “Al-Watan”, and a number of celebrities responded to his requests to meet him, led by Amir Karara, Ahmed Al-Awadi and festival performer Omar Kamal, in addition to the support of many pioneers of social media.


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