Confessions of Israeli women caught in the ropes of an Iranian intelligence agent


The Israeli Channel 13 broadcast a report on the circumstances of the recruitment of Israeli women described as an Iranian agent, and published for the first time their testimony and confession regarding their relationship with this mysterious Iranian.

The photo report stated that the Iranian agent had succeeded over the years in transmitting information and pictures through them, and that they had spied in Israel for him.

The Israeli TV channel showed the confessions of these women, which it said was publishing for the first time. One of them symbolizes her with the letter “D”. She is 50 years old, a mother of five children, and resides in Jerusalem.

According to the report, this woman recounted that, two and a half years ago, she received a friend request through the social networking site Facebook from a person applying the poison “rambod namdar” to himself.

And this woman said in her testimony: “I saw that all my Facebook friends are his friends too and I agreed to the request… He sent me a message in Hebrew asking me how I’m doing. I asked him where he knows Hebrew from? He said that his parents are from Mashhad and that his grandfather taught him Hebrew, and introduced himself to He is a contractor from the (Tehran Press) neighborhood, which is considered upscale, and after that I gave him my phone number at his request and we started phoning via WhatsApp.”

Their communication continued over the phone, and the woman said that she had registered the Iranian phone number in a fictitious name so that her children would not notice it, noting that he tried to obtain information from her, and also sent her a post from a group on Facebook and called for success for the new Persian leadership in Unit 8200, and asked her about the owner She told him, “I know her and met her, but she is not my friend.”

The video report commented that this matter is suspicious, just like the following conversation between the Iranian person and the Israeli woman herself, as I asked him if he had watched the successful series “Tehran”, and Rambod replied saying that this series belonged to the Shin Bet “Israel’s internal security service”, and asked her whether She had seen or met Shin Bet employees, describing them as strong.

Four months after the start of their relationship, the Iranian agent offered Woman D to meet outside Israel, and the woman said in her testimony about this matter: “At first he offered me to meet him in Turkey, but then he said in Dubai, I told him that I was still married and did not I’m getting a divorce yet, but he kept trying to get me to meet him in another country.”

Continuing the text of this testimony, this woman said: “He told me that he could give bribes to people to bring me to Iran through Armenia, but I am forbidden to say this to anyone in the world.”

The report stated that Woman D informed another woman, Rambod Namdar, with whom he also spoke, and she was also accused of having an affair with him, and she has a similar story.

This second Israeli woman said in her testimony: “About 5 years ago, Rambod sent me a message on Facebook and said that he was a rich Jew and I told him that I had gone through an uneasy divorce, that I had several jobs and he offered to send me money, but I refused. By offering to meet with a woman other than (D) .. Woman B called me and said that she had agreed with Rambod to meet in Turkey and that she had bought him a gift chain and started crying when she knew that he would not be able to travel, while she had bought a ticket and paid a lot of money And I asked her: How do you travel to meet someone you don’t know?

The report said that the Iranian agent was using the same method with all the women, and he also offered money to Woman D, who agreed to receive the money.

Woman D admitted this, saying: “I was in a difficult financial situation because of Corona and I told him that, and he insisted on sending me a thousand dollars and he sent me a mobile number from Western Union. I went to a branch and withdrew 2,800 shekels sent from Australia. He told me that he asked From a friend of his in Australia, he sent the money to me in Israel.”

The report published a written conversation on Facebook between the described Iranian agent and the woman whose name is symbolized by the letter “D”, revolving around why he did not reveal personal information about himself:

He: “Honey, when I was a little kid, my mom always told me I was curious.”

She: “But you don’t reveal any information about yourself.. With all due respect, that’s a good thing.”

He: “What am I hiding?”

She: “You don’t reveal anything, no picture, nothing.”

He: “Hahahaha”

During her interrogation, this Israeli woman said that during the conversations she was suspicious of the Iranian man, as “D” told the interrogator:

“During our conversations, I asked him if he was a spy, and he told me he had done everything in the world except this thing.”

Investigator: Why did you suspect him?

Woman D: Because of the information he wanted to know about Israel and also because a friend told me that he might not be Jewish. He was always talking in a low voice and he would say it was because his parents were asleep and that’s strange.”

Investigator: Why didn’t you break off the relationship with him?

The Israeli woman: He was like a brother and a son to me.. All his words deceived me.

The video report acknowledged that this woman “D”, during the investigation only revealed what happened between her and the Iranian.

D said in this regard:

The whole relationship was unintentional, I did not mean to harm the state. I do not want to destroy my life and the lives of my children.. have mercy on me.

The report described the women involved in this case as naive, noting that their failure to inform them of that “strange” relationship with the Iranian agent implicated them in this case, which was described as serious, and which comes “within Iran’s attempts to obtain information about what is happening in Israel.”

Source: Quds News Network

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