Corona complications force Al-Ahly to give its player a negative rest for a month and a half


Ahmed Abu Abla, the doctor of the first football team in Al-Ahly club, announced the absence of Ahmed Nabil “Koka”, the team’s left back for a month and a half.

Abu Abla indicated in official statements this morning, Saturday, that Koca had undergone rigorous medical examinations during the past days after being infected with the Corona virus, which indicated his need for a negative rest from the exercises.

Al-Ahly’s doctor explained that the tests that the player underwent proved that he needed a negative rest of up to a month and a half; Because of his suffering from some complications of Corona that only appear through these tests.

He stressed that the player’s condition is completely stable and does not suffer from any symptoms of Corona, and his suffering from complications is a common condition that some athletes are exposed to after recovering from Corona now.

Abu Abla concluded his statements by saying that he gave the player the necessary negative relief within the framework of the periodic follow-ups that he conducts on all players after each of them recovered from the Corona virus.


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