Corona vaccination may prevent the Real Madrid star from entering Saudi Arabia to face Barcelona


The Spanish club Real Madrid is facing a new crisis regarding the Corona virus, due to the vaccination against the epidemic before the Spanish Super Cup.

Real is preparing to travel to Saudi Arabia this week, in order to compete in the Super Cup, where it plays in the semi-final against Barcelona.

On the other hand, Atletico Madrid will meet Athletic Bilbao, to determine the party that qualifies for the final, which will be held on January 16.

What is the crisis facing Real Madrid?

The Spanish “ellarguero” program confirmed that one of the players in Real Madrid did not receive a vaccination against the Corona virus.

Which may prevent him from entering Saudi Arabia in order to play against Barcelona, ​​and the name of this player has not yet been announced.

What are the conditions for foreigners to enter Saudi Arabia in light of the spread of the Corona virus?

The conditions stipulate the entry of a person over 12 years of age who has completed doses of vaccines approved in the Kingdom, or who has completed receiving doses of vaccines approved by the World Health Organization and not approved in the Kingdom and has obtained a booster dose from one of the approved vaccines in the Kingdom.

Proof of this must be submitted in accordance with the requirements set by the Ministry of Health, along with completing the registration on the Qadoom platform for entry operations.

Recovering from infection with the Corona virus is not considered a justification for not applying institutional quarantine procedures.

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