Cryptocurrency platforms in America… in the crossfire of strict censorship!


The US Securities and Exchange Commission intends to tighten oversight and regulation of the Cryptocurrencies in this year.

The head of the authority, Gary Gensler, said that he asked the supervisory staff to consider any possible way to place cryptocurrency trading platforms within the investor protection sector of the authority, so that the investor in these currencies would receive the same protection that traders of stocks and other assets get.

He considered that additional scrutiny is important for investors in these platforms, and that the lack of regulation makes us witness another year of investors being exposed to risk, according to Bloomberg, which was reviewed by Al

His comments come after Gensler upset the crypto industry last year, when he argued that most cryptocurrencies were akin to securities that should be covered by the SEC’s strict rules.

However, many crypto enthusiasts are of the opinion that assets should not be subject to the same regulations that have long evolved to cover stock and bond trading.


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