Cut off his head and arms .. a new decision by the prosecution in the case of the corpse of al-Zaraa


12:05 AM

Saturday 15 January 2022

Minya – Mohamed Al-Magadi:
The Minya Police Department, headed by Counselor Mohamed Nagati, decided to imprison the accused of killing a driver, cutting off his head and arms, and dumping his body in the Kafr Mansoura district, west of Minya, for 4 days pending investigations.

The incident began last Sunday, when a number of people found the body of an unknown young man, without a head or arms, inside the city of Minya, lying next to the Kafr al-Mansoura school complex, on the Western Ring Road, the entrance to the city of Minya.

The security services received a notification of the incident, and moved to the location of the report, and it was found that the body was a young man in his thirties, without a head or arms.

The Minya Police Department’s investigation team, headed by Colonel Amr Hassan, the detective inspector, and Major Gadallah Sidqi, the head of the department’s investigations, succeeded in identifying the victim’s identity, and the accused was arrested.

It was found that the victim is from one of the villages of the Matai Center, north of Minya, and works in Assiut, and has been absent since Saturday, and that the accused and the victim work as drivers on an excavator in Assiut Governorate. What prompted him to lure him and get rid of him.

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