Death waits for no one.. Its reality is stranger than fiction.. A young man put his phone inside the grave of a friend during his burial ceremony.. Hours later he called the number, and the surprise that drove him crazy.. You won’t believe who answered him?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Death does not wait for anyone, as it knocks on every door, and does not seek permission to enter, for its entry is sudden, and we must prepare well for such a day.

“Death” is a small word that means a lot. It brings fear, terror, sadness, and constriction to the soul. Death is the end of hopes and ambitions.

Our story today takes place in one of the apartments where a young man lives. The young man was a lover of supernatural issues, as he had a passion for learning about supernatural things.

He loved reading in this field, as he was constantly searching the Internet and books, and one day an idea came to his mind, which is to know what is happening in the grave.

And he thought of putting his phone in one of the graves to find out what was going on, and in the meantime he heard that his neighbor had died, here he took the opportunity and decided to put the phone in his grave.

He went with the funeral and lowered the body to the grave with his family, then put his phone next to him without anyone noticing, and when the funeral ended and he returned home, he tried to call his phone number and here was the shock that made him fall to the ground.

His phone rang many times, but without an answer, and the last time he opened the phone and someone spoke, here the young man fell to the ground before he regained his nerve and answered the answer on the phone.

After a few minutes, he began to find out what had happened. The cemetery guard heard the phone ring, so he opened the cemetery and took out the phone, then answered the caller. The young man hung up the phone and decided not to do this again.

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