Despite the age difference between will not believe why the star of the generation chose Tamer Hosni, the beautiful Moroccan, Basma Bousil, as his wife over other women?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>She was one of his admirers, and the matter developed in her to the point of love, as his pictures filled her room and her small world. She had a dream since her childhood of becoming a wife to the lover of girls, Tamer Hosni.

Basma Bousil went to the world of singing to get closer and court him. The age difference of more than 14 years between them did not constitute any obstacle.

She just wanted to become his partner, until Moroccan Basma Bousil fulfilled her dream of marrying artist Tamer Hosni and controlling his heart and life.

On August 16, the artist Tamer Hosni turns 44, and “Hun” presents his love story and marriage to Basma Bousil, in the following lines.

The artist Tamer Hosni, during his hosting of the “Her Excellency” program, with the media, Esaad Younes, on the “DMC” channel, “She used to treat my pictures as if I were her fiance or her husband in the future since she was young, and she showed me a pamphlet containing words of love for Leah.”

Bousil participated in the Star Academy program in its sixth edition, and reached the finals and ranked second, and about the first meeting that brought her together with Hosni, during his performance there was a party in Morocco, and she had prepared in advance for that meeting and requested the mediation of some of their mutual friends to arrange that meeting, especially since she was a fan Tamer Hosny.

And he continued, “I was in the crowd at that time and I didn’t know how to see her well, and it became clear after that that she turned to songs to get close to me and sing with me, and I love her voice very much and the songs she has shown so far.”

And about how Basma deals with Hosni’s fans, he said that his wife, Basma, deals appropriately with his female fans,

But sometimes she’s jealous out of her control, and he’s jealous of her, too. “Hosni” added during his interview, “Basma receives all those who love me well,

And once I was at a party, and there was a girl who did not have a ticket, but she wanted to attend the party, so I asked about Basma, saying, “Where did Basma go? Where did I find out that she started entering her from outside.”

And he continued, “Sometimes my wife reproaches me in a simple way from the way girls like her, her mind can get a little smaller in some situations,

You say, for example, that she was the one who greeted you, but you looked at her with such a strange look.” Hours ago, the artist Tamer Hosni was surprised that his wife, Basma Bousil, and the artist, Bushra, celebrated his early birthday.

Tamer Hosni posted on his Instagram account a video of the celebration that was held on the North Coast. At first, Tamer was celebrating the success of his movie “Mesh Ana” and his new song “Saha”.

Then Bushra began to sing him a birthday song, and she knows that his birthday is not today, but she decided to celebrate it early. Tamer Hosni thanked her and his wife and wrote:

“Thank you, my dear Bsumi, for this beautiful celebration, and thank you to all my dear friends who participated in this surprise, and thank you to Bushra, who decided to make my birthday suddenly, and it is not back.” It is noteworthy that Tamer Hosni celebrates his birthday on August 16.

It is reported that Tamer Hosni recently released the song “Saabih”, written and composed by Aziz El Shafei, distributed by Abdel Rahman Shawky and Master Ali Fathallah.


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