Details of the artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra leaving the hospital and recovering from Corona (video)


The Seventh Day TV provided special coverage about the details of the health condition of the artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, who was infected with the Corona virus a few days ago, as Ahmed Abu Zahra, the son of the great artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, announced his father’s discharge from the hospital, and his move home, after he recovered from infection with the virus. Corona, and Abu Zahra, the son, published a picture of him and his father, through his personal account on Facebook, from inside a car, after leaving the hospital, to reassure his father’s audience of his health condition.

Abu Zahra wrote on the photo: “Praise be to God, Baba was discharged from the hospital, and thanks to all the people who asked and all those who cared and prayed for him.

And the past two days witnessed an improvement in the condition of the great artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, after he was infected with the Corona virus, and his presence inside the Isolation Hospital in Agouza, where Abu Zahra is preparing to do a smear. pcr Tomorrow, Friday, to know the latest developments in his health and to know the possibility of leaving the hospital, especially since his condition is gradually improving since he was admitted to the hospital and received treatment.

The great artist, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, topped the trend of the Google search engine after announcing his infection with the Corona virus, and his admission to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment and care, which made the fans and fans of Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra trying to know the details of his injury from the beginning..

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