Did Rogina ask for a divorce from Ashraf Zaki? .. Captain of Acting Professions


08:21 PM

Thursday January 20 2022

Books – Hani Saber:

Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, revealed if his wife, the artist, Rogina, had asked him one day throughout their married life for a divorce.

Ashraf said, on the “Top Trending” program on the “ten” channel: “Rogina never asked me for a divorce, despite the normal quarrels that occur between us, and she always tolerated me and apologized to her for any shortcomings from me, and she deserves to be used as a statue, because she tolerated me with my difficult life, and possible the phone It rings at any time and demands that I respond.”

Ashraf Zaki sent a message to Rogina, saying: “If you ask for divorce a million times, you will not know that you are divorced.”

And Rogina said in previous statements about her husband, the artist Ashraf Zaki, on the “Happening in Egypt” program: “Ashraf is a noble man, a support and a great back.

And she continued, “Ashraf may do more than one thing at the same time, but he will be happy when he does a service for anyone and not only in the union, in the whole Egyptian street, and he also raised great cadres, and they learned a lot from him.”

She added that her husband, Ashraf Zaki, built himself, saying: “I knew him and he is a member of the union. He started one by one and built himself in public work, and any work he caught was enlightening.”

It is reported that Ashraf Zaki and Rogina live a quiet and stable family life, and they have two daughters, “Maya” and “Maryam”.


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